ARTICLE: Conversations about Cause and Effect

On speaking to children about karma and the six realms of existence.

VIDEO: Timelapses

Below are three beautiful timelapse videos, which are great for teaching children about change and impermanence.

ARTICLE: Questions About Death

Talking to children about change, impermanence, and death.

VIDEO: “Changes” by Lewes New School

A sweet song and collaboration that engages students with music.

BOOKS: Little Sid

A review of a children's book about the early life of Siddhartha Gautama.

LESSON: Bubble Contemplation

Use bubbles as a springboard for children to investigate the experience of viewing conditioned phenomena as both interdependent and impermanent using bubbles.

ACTIVITY: Impermanence Man

Here is a fun approach to Impermanence, one of the thoughts that turn the mind. Kids really get into this. Make a man out of natural materials and observe how it changes over time.

LESSON: Impermanence

A lesson plan for teaching children about the truth of impermanence.
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