Arya Tara School, Nepal

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Arya Tara School and Aarya Tara Pre-School

Where Nepal
Founder and Spiritual Lead Ani Choying Drolma
Lineage Kagyu/Nyingma

Phone:+977 1-6922435


There are two schools in Nepal founded by the Nuns’ Welfare Foundation of Nepal, under the guidance of Ani Choying Drolma: The Arya Tara School and the Aarya Tara Pre-School.

Arya Tara School
Pharping, Nepal


Arya Tara School was started in January 2000 is a flagship project of the Nuns’ Welfare Foundation of Nepal (NWF), an NGO founded in 1998 by Ani Choying Drolma. It includes several classrooms, a meditation hall, dormitories, computer lab, library, a kitchen and dining hall, storage room, office, proper toilets and bathrooms as well as rooms for the teachers and administrative staff. It is home to over 60 nuns who come from some of the poorest and most remote areas of Nepal, Tibet and India. The school remains open Sunday to Friday and each school day begins with prayers and meditation. The school educates in Literacy, Math, Science, Medical and Nursing skills, and Buddhist philosophy. There are frequent field trips to enrich the students overall spiritual and educational experiences. Each student learns to take responsibility for the school by doing small jobs such as helping with the cooking and cleaning, buying school supplies and working in the garden.

The Nuns at Arya Tara School study until 10th grade in the school itself and after completion of schooling, the nuns are supported with the necessary tools and resource to further their studies and fulfill their ambitions. During this transition we stands beside them, offering financial and emotional support where necessary.

Aarya Tara Pre-School
Kathmandu, Nepal


In 2013, the Foundation Audrey Jacobs and Nuns’ Welfare Foundation of Nepal (NWF) successfully opened the Aarya Tara Pre-School in Kathmandu, Nepal. This Pre-School is dedicated to single mothers and needy children in Nepal. Thirty children are currently enrolled. The children range in age from 2 to 6 years and came from different impoverished, needy, poor and remote areas of Nepal.

The school remains open from Monday to Friday and each school day begins with morning prayers. The academic curriculum at Aarya Tara Pre School includes learning activities such as Practical life, Science, Culture, Mathematic, Sensorial, Language (Tibetan, Nepali and English), Painting, Learning






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