Kuhn Sucharitakul | Board Member

Kuhn is a healthcare management professional with a focus on value-based care delivery, and a social entrepreneur with a diverse range of experience in the wellbeing sector, both academically and operationally.

Kuhn holds a master’s degree in Contemlative Education from the Buddhist-inspired Naropa University (Colorado, USA), and believes that Buddhism- far from being an archaic religion- is a multi-dimensional deposition of wisdom, knowledge, and cultural and spiritual capital. If its essence can be captured authentically, and if one’s view remains vast and open, Kuhn believes that innovative communication methods can unlock this capital, and transform the ways in which the next generation engages with the Dhamma.

Taking inspiration from his own experience as a monastic in the Thai forest tradition- as well as from his time spent studying and living in Europe, the USA, and China- Kuhn, and his friends, founded the Paccaya Foundation with the aspiration that the Buddhadhamma be made easily accessible and addictively engaging for the endless benefit of all.