MindUP For Families Support Pack


MindUP For Families Support Pack

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Summary A set of free downloadable resources from MindUP, designed to support families in cultivating mindfulness, awareness, compassion, an understanding of the brain, and more.
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MindUP, created by the Goldie Hawn Foundation in 2003, is an acclaimed Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programme that is implemented in schools across the globe (read more about MindUP here). Here, MindUP offers a collection of free downloadable resources for families.

Description from the MindUP website:

“We have created a set of comprehensive resources (below) to help bring MindUP into your home to support you and your family. These resources form part of our MindUP For Families course for parents/carers. This course is currently postponed and we are working to make training available in alternative ways.

These resources cover the 6 areas that directly link to the MindUP Curriculum. Each topic includes an information sheet accompanied by practices for you and practices that you can do together as a family. You will develop a greater understanding of the brain, emotions and actions, and you will learn techniques and activities that can enhance the wellbeing of the whole family.”

The pack includes sections on:

  • Getting To Know Our Amazing Brain
  • Mindful Awareness And Breathing
  • Noticing The World Around Us With Mindful Sensing
  • Optimism And Savouring Happiness For A Brighter Life
  • Developing Relationships With Perspective And Empathy
  • Gratitude And Kindness Help Change The World
  • + Additional Resources
Access the MindUP For Families Support Pack here

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