About Abiding Heart Education’s 2021 Teacher Training Courses

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About Abiding Heart Education’s 2021 Teacher Training Courses

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Summary About Abiding Heart Education's new online Teacher Training courses for kindergarten, primary education and the Experiential Buddhist Foundation Studies.
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Abiding Heart Education (AHE) is excited to announce that admissions for the new online Teacher Training courses kindergarten, primary education and the Experiential Buddhist Foundation Studies courses starting in January 2021 are now open!

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AHE is an international teacher training centre, with a new approach to education that rests on a Buddhist paradigm. By combining Buddhist worldview, meditation and application with aspects of Steiner/Waldorf methodology and developmental science, AHE has created a unique children’s transformative pedagogy. Bringing together a team of acclaimed Buddhist teachers, academics and experts in education, developmental science, the arts and Buddhism, this radically new approach to education cannot come at a much better time. Education in the world today needs a pedagogy that nurtures the intellectual, affective and action domains of our children, such that they would be able to realise their fullest potential.

If you are an educator or have an interest in uplifting the lives of our young, we would like to invite you to explore and join our online kindergarten or primary teacher training courses this coming January 2021.


In addition, if you are an individual who is looking for spiritual nourishment and well-being, the online Experiential Buddhist Foundation Studies course is for you! With the combination of Buddhist philosophy, meditation and transformative arts, this course gives you a unique opportunity to be deeply nourished in body, mind and heart.


The courses at AHE are now being offered online. Hence, giving more people an opportunity to benefit from the courses in the comfort of their own homes. We would greatly appreciate if you could help to spread this information to educators, child carers, therapists, Buddhist communities, friends and family whom you think may be interested in these courses.

For more information about our courses:

For enquiries please email admissions@abidingheart.education

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