HOME: The Dharma of Ice Cream, and Other Lessons for Little Kids

HOME: The Dharma of Ice Cream, and Other Lessons for Little Kids

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Summary A few ways to bring Buddhism into the daily lives of your kids this summer—including, yes, with ice cream!


Everyday Dharma: 4 Real Life Lessons for Little Kids
by Trudee Klautky

As a Buddhist parent who homeschooled my children, rather than designing a structured Buddhist curriculum I tried to draw out the dharma in everyday experiences. By punctuating life with moments of insight, my children could engage with the principles of Buddhism as living truths.

Here are a few of the ways I found opportunities to bring Buddhism into the daily lives of my kids—including, yes, with ice cream!

Ice Cream Lessons

When we go out for ice cream, we place our orders, get our cones, and before we dive in we all pause and say a prayer: May everyone have ice cream as good as this.

Ambulance Compassion

Whenever we hear an ambulance drive by, we pause to say prayers for their wellbeing, and the friends and family of whoever is being taken to the hospital.

Planting a Seed

When gardening season comes around, we would plant tomato plants and talk about how you can’t get a tomato unless you plant a tomato plant. So you have to plant the seed, and take care of the plant as it sprouts from the ground, and get joy from watching it grow. If you don’t plant the seed, nothing will happen.

Sickness and Kindness

When we get sick, we breath in the reality of being sick and breathe out relief to all the other kids who are sick. We wish for all of them to be healthy and strong and relaxed. One time, my son was struggling with a flu and couldn’t sleep. So I guided him through this practice. After just two breaths he was sound asleep.