BOOKS: B is for Buddha

BOOKS: B is for Buddha

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Summary B is for Buddha is a Buddhist alphabet book written to plant a seed of dharma for young kids.


B is for Buddha
Written and Illustrated by Anasuya Weil
Published by Anasuya Weil (click here to purchase)

Now we can all know our ABCs—of Buddhism! Longtime practitioner and grandmother of five children, author Anasuya Weil wrote B is for Buddha, a Buddhist alphabet book, as a way to provide some basic dharma education for young kids. Originally conceived as a Christmas gift for her own grandchildren, Weil decided to publish her book for the wider world. “Examining what we call our body and mind is an important tool in navigating our experience and there are very few places where children will hear this,” Weil write on her website. “I hope that this book will plant seeds of curiosity about the Buddha and his teachings that will germinate later in life.”

Visit to learn more, buy the book, or to hear B is for Buddha read aloud by Buddhist teachers including Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, and Lama Surya Das.