ARTICLE: Why Do We Need a New Model of Education?

ARTICLE: Why Do We Need a New Model of Education?

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Summary Kristin Lhatso and Noa Jones of Middle Way briefly summarize why a new model of Buddhist education for children is necessary.
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Why Do We Need a New Model of Education?

By Kristin Lhatso and Noa Jones


All major religions of the world have systems of educating children in their traditions, beliefs, rituals, and values. There are maktab and madrasas for Muslims, Catholic schools, Jewish day schools, Sunday schools, Catechism classes, all kinds of afterschool programs, camps, and specialized schools meant to teach children to become the stewards of their respective religious traditions. Buddhist education for children has, for the most part, been offered to monastic communities and more recently through grassroots initiatives that are few and far between. Because Buddhism is not culture bound, there are few broadly accepted holidays, festivals and customs to introduce to children. Often, the transference of the Buddhist view happens in the home. Some Buddhist parents have independently created programs for children, but there is no generally accepted content or method for teaching the dharma to children.

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