LESSON: Cotton Ball Meditation

LESSON: Cotton Ball Meditation

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Summary A practice in mindful movement and mindful observation using cotton balls and colors.
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Lesson Plan: Cotton Ball Meditation  Grade level: 2-6; Age range: 7-11
Time: 10-20 minutes Tasks: moving mindfully and looking mindfully.


  • One cotton ball per student
  • Watered down paint or a few drops of food coloring
  • 2 bowls, one clear if possible
  • Spoon or tongs


  1. Begin by playing some relaxing music and creating a calm atmosphere before starting. Instruct the children to come to the circle quietly.
  2. Start with some movement activities and stretches until the children are engaged and calmed.
  3. Show the children the bowl of cotton balls. Place it in front of you. Take one from the bowl, using a spoon or tongs, and place it in front of you.
  4. Ask the children to do the same, one by one. Remind them to place the cotton ball in front of them without touching it.
  5. Wait for a few moments. Ask the children to look at the cotton ball. What does it look like? What do they think it will feel like?
  6. Instruct the children to pick up the cotton ball and feel it in their hands, but not to pull it apart or break it, as we will use it later.
  7. After some time of feeling the cotton ball, ask the children to place it down again.
  8. Pour some water into a clear bowl or large glass. Add some drops of food coloring or watered-down paint to the water, and pass it around the circle, asking the children to look at the colors. Children may need reminding to say thank you when accepting the bowl from friends.
  9. When the bowl has reached the teacher again, take your cotton ball and place it into the bowl of colored water. Pass the bowl around once more, and instruct the children do to the same until all of the cotton balls are in the bowl. If you have a large class (or a small bowl or glass) you may wish to use more than one.
  10. Ask the children to quietly watch and see what happens to the cotton balls. They should be able to observe the cotton balls absorbing some of the colored water.
  11. When the children begin to show that they have had enough of the activity, ask students to come to the front and help to scoop the cotton balls back out with a spoon into a separate bowl, so that you can pour away the water and clean up. A student could be asked to help clean up, too.
  12. Complete the activity with some mindful movement activities and discussion.
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