Secular Buddhism Podcast with Noah Rasheta

Secular Buddhism Podcast with Noah Rasheta

An accessible podcast series with 30-40 minute episodes that cover some of Buddhism's most basic tenets from a Zen Buddhist practitioner who is familiar with other traditions. Great for beginners and also seasoned practitioners. MWS often recommends this podcast for curious parents who enroll at the school with limited understanding of Buddhism.

Interview: “The Sacred Work of Sandra Cisneros”

Angélica Paljor wrote this interview with Sandra Cisneros published in August, 2022 on Lion’s Roar entitled, “The Sacred Work of Sandra Cisneros.” The author speaks candidly about her own struggles, and how writing has been a practice that has helped transform them. An essential ingredient in Buddhist education is seeing how others integrate their view and practice into their work, art, and lives. Cisneros' example is vital as students work on developing their own voice, and considering how their view and self-expression are inextricable.

84000 Mobile App for iOS & Android

84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha (, a global nonprofit initiative to translate and make freely available the 231,000 pages of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon, announces the launch of its much anticipated mobile app for iOS and Android. This marks the first app to market that presents a dynamic collection of teachings on the mind, straight from the source, for English-language users.

16 Guidelines for Children and Teens

The 16 Guidelines for Life aims to empower parents, teachers, educators and carers to explore mindfulness and ethical values with children and teenagers.
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